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Pack Contains x4 Stencils

The ultimate boy racer signature and retro throwback to the iconic Hot Rods and race cars of the late 70s and right through to present time. Advertise your favourite wheel brand by tyre bombing the hell out of your rubber with our easy to apply tyre stencil kit. Just follow the instructions below and be a king!

- Firstly be sure to select the correct size stencil set for your tyres.
- Make sure your tyre surface is clean and free from tyre dressing, wax or road grime etc.
- Select the smoothest part of your side wall to apply your stencil. Offer up stencil to ensure sizes is correct!
- Rotate your wheel so selected area is as far away from bodywork to avoid any over spray.
- Slowly peel off the backing paper stuck to sticky application tape, dispose of the paper and apply the sticky tape part to your tyre using the wheel lip to align it. Once happy, rub the decal hard using your thumb to ensure well stuck down!
- Next mask off the surrounding area using paper and masking tape (not included). Be sure to cover all areas you don’t want painting.
- For best results we have found a primer base followed by fast drying enamel (in your desired colour) works best. Dusting on light coats is the key to a long-lasting application. Too much paint may cause cracking and peeling.
- Ensure paint is completely dry before removing the stencil decal, be sure to pick out the letter centres, too.
- Now, providing you followed the instructions, you should be able to admire how awesome the result is. Well done!
*paint not included
*for show purposes only
*be sure to use a water-based paint that will not damage or corrode your tyre wall
*we accept no responsibly for any damage caused to tyres or vehicle bodywork  

PHOTO CREDIT: Red Klutch wheel image by AM Photography


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