Whores Hoards (T-Shirt) Black & Grey

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These are for the super whores, the big ballers, high rollers, hoop hoarders. Let the world know you've got money to burn on wheels.... you're a true VIP. You've been there, done that and are blatantly wearing the t-shirt!

This 100% cotton black shirts feature grey print with the familiar hoards wheel design up front

DESIGN: Big thanks to Al at Dubmissile for the original whores hoards artwork.

COLOUR: Black shirt with cyan print front and rear.

T-SHIRT SIZES (Chest width)
Small: 48.5cm
Medium: 51cm
Large: 54cm
XL: 57cm
2XL: 66.1cm

For larger sizes please email: info@wheel-whores.com

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