Glow In The Dark (Supersize Screen Sticker)

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Okay, so size doesn't always matter but in this case it does. These lairy drift scene-inspired decals have been designed to run vertically up your vehicle's front screen for maximum impact when you're on maximum attack. These glow in the dark stickers take charge during the day from sunlight and appear a classic, unassuming off-white shade but come nightfall they pop Glow in the Dark green. Get some now while stock's last…

Please see application details below before applying. For external mounting only!

COLOUR: Stickers appear off-white during the day then once charged by a light source (sunlight or artificial light) turn glow-in-the-dark green at night.

SIZE: w/ 500mm x h/ 142mm

PACK CONTAINS: 1x sticker which is supplied safely in cardboard tube

NOTE: *Not for road use. It is sometimes deemed illegal to apply large stickers to your vehicle's windows if it obscures the driver's vision. Check your local laws before applying. Because of nature of glow in the dark vinyl, this sticker's lumination may fade with time.

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