Wheel-Whores MIVW Show Shirt (2015)

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We forgot we even had these Wheel Whores 2015 MIVW shirts left over from last year's event. Pick up a part of MIVW history and one of the best designs we've produced to date.

FEATURES: Featuring one of the most stand-out modified cars of the last year in Swiss company, BS Carstyling’s epic wide-body Audi R8. The design pays homage to all those toy cars we played with as kids. The one-off aluminium wide-body R8 is what the term ‘Big Boys Toys' was created for.    

COLOUR: Black shirt with red, blue and white screen print to the front chest area.

SHOUT: Josh Mussell at Like Hell Design.

Small: 45.7cm
Medium: 50.8cm
Large: 55.9cm
X-Large: 61cm
2X-Large: 66.1cm

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