500ml Heavy Hitting Wheel Cleaner



Product Details

Our Heavy Hitting (Acid Free) Wheel Cleaner was developed specifically to be used on wheels with a clear-coated or lacquered surface. The detergent-based product is made using a unique bend of natural oils with natural optical brighteners and anti-corrosive properties which is strong enough to break through the toughest of road grim but will still be kind to your wheels*. For added protection against road grim and pitting we suggest you use in conjunction with our Premium (High Temperature) Wheel Wax.

* Acid free formula for clear-coated or lacquered surfaces
* Produced, bottled and labelled by hand in the UK
* Bubblegum scented
* Adjustable nozzle for fine-tuned application

APPROVED BY: Rotiform Wheels, California, USA

RECOMMENDED BY: Rob Tomlin at Supercar Detailing (www.supercardetailing.com) & Bradley Scott-Stevens at BlueChip Detail (www.bluechipdetail.co.uk)

PRODUCED BY: Developed exclusively for us by Kleen Freak to our own unique blend

*NOTE: Not to be used on bare metal or stainless steel surfaces (for this use our Mild Detoxing pH balanced cleaner)

DIRECTIONS: For best results spray onto cool wheels, allow to soak into surface, remove with pressure washer, stubborn dirt may need to be agitated, rinse thoroughly

WARNING: Always test on a small inconspicuous area of the wheel before use. Do not ingest. Keep away from children and pets. Consult doctor immediately if consumed. Avoid contact with eyes and skin

INFO: For trade enquiries please email us: info@wheel-whores.com

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