Wheel-Whores MIVW Black Show Shirt (2016)

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We love being entrusted with designing the official MIVW show shirts and this year's creation was possibly our favorite to date. MIVW Speed Shop.... says it all really. This is far more than a VW show and these guys build far more than just regular modified cars. The shirt was intended to reflect that!  

FEATURES: You may recognise the rather well known MIVW member's Porsche 964 911 in this year's design. The shirt graphic is as much of a work of art as the cars the team produce.  

COLOUR: 100% black cotton shirt with yellow grey and white screen print

SHOUT: Thanks to Richard and the whole team at TK for going out of their way to accomodate our needy demands. Also thanks our friends at MIVW for the continued support over the years. We're not worthy!

T-SHIRT SIZES (Chest width)
Small: 45.7
Medium: 50.8
Large: 55.9
XL: 61.0
2XL: 66.1


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