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Those who know, know…

Only one genuine Porsche 935/78 was ever raced and it was nicknamed 'Moby Dick’ due largely to its extended rear bodywork and massive 'whale tail’.  Considered by many as the ultimate 911 ever made, it was the third and most extreme version of the 935 produced officially by Porsche and run under Group 5 ’Silhouette Series’ rules. All other ‘Moby Dick’s’ produced thereafter were replicas…

Famed not only for it’s incredible bodywork and power, but also loved by Wheel Whores the world over due to the bright orange Turbo Fans that covered whopping 11x16” and 15x19” magnesium BBS split rims. We always talked about one day putting this extreme Porker on a shirt to honour its legendary status and after deciding to tie up with our friends at Florida-based 'Simply Clean’ we were able to put that idea into reality using their ‘Neon Dreams’ theme. The ultimate race car and original Dick Tease, enough said!

PORSCHE 935/78 ‘Moby Dick'
Unmistakable by it’s extended ‘long tail’ rear end (intended for less drag and to house two water-radiators), the car was built specifically with Le Mans in mind and unique to all other 935s in a number of ways.

- Converted to right-hand-drive for better weight distribution around clockwise Le Sarthe circuit and to inprove visibility through right hander corners.
- Capacity increased to 3.2-litre with a water-cooled cylinder head used and four valves per cylinder (the first water-cooled 911 ever).
- Max power at Le Mans was 845bhp (although closer to 750bhp in race mode).
- Body-dropped 100mm (thanks to loophole in Group 5 rules) for less drag. Gearbox mounted upside down to reduce the angle of the driveshafts caused by lower body.
- Fairings added to doors to reduced gap between the front and rear wide fenders. These fairings we also hinged to allow door to open.
- Fifteen seconds a lap quicker at Le Mans in ‘'78 compared to 1976’s 935s and fastest car outright on Mulsanne straight at 227mph.

COLOUR: Black trebled race back vest with pink and white ‘neon-look’ screen print to front and back.

SHOUT: To all at Simply Clean in Florida for making this happen.

S - 6/8
M - 10/12
L -14/16

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