About Us

Wheel-whores.com was formed back in early 2007 by a bunch of like-minded wheel geeks and originally centred around a wheel-related forum where people could talk about their addiction in a safe environment…

Since then the forum has grown, the condition has spread and so has the Wheel Whores name. Wheel Whores is now a globally recognised brand built on demand; basically what our friends, fans and followers have asked for we’ve simply delivered using our own unique spin. It’s not been easy, but it sure has been fun and this is still reflected in everything we do today!

People demanded a high-quality line of merchandise and automotive apparel so we created it. This is now stocked in our many official dealers all over the world. Then followed our own premium wheel care range, which was developed using feedback from Wheel Whores the world over and produced by a company which is as enthusiastic about detailing products as we are wheels. How could it fail?

Recently we developed our own, standalone classifieds platform that would allow us to offer people a slick and photo friendly way to buy, sell and trade wheels on a global scale. The Wheel Sanctuary is still in its infancy, but already proving to be another addictive addition to the Wheel Whores brand.  

Where do we go from here? Well we’re not hell-bent on world domination, but if it comes along the way then we’ll embrace it with both arms and spread the love in the process.


Wheel Whores –
Reinventing the wheel since 2007