Like a Boss (Women's T-Shirt)

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This slim-fit shirt is an exact replica of the men's 'Signature Series' Boss shirt only in a flattering women's fit.

The debate about what is the best wheel design of all time will probably run forever, but if we had our say then we'd go with the motorsport application BBS Turbo fan of the early-mid 80s. Used on cars such as the legendary Porsche 935, and featuring a removable cooling fan (to reduce brake temperatures), this wheel really is 'The Boss' in our mind!

FEATURES: Printed on a high-grade black shirt this T features the intricate Turbo Fan design up front with Wheel Whores heart and signature series print out back.

COLOUR: Printed on a black shirt with purple, blue and two-tone grey detailing

T-SHIRT SIZES (Chest width)

X-Small: 38cm
Small: 39cm
Medium: 42cm
Large: 45cm

* Special thanks to Ethan at 8380 Laboratories for designing a bad-ass shirt and making our vision a reality.

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