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Wheels make or break a car, no dispute! You know that, we know that... but does your customer? Hopefully. Imagine, though, being able to pin-point your target audience with one fell swoop. Not via a media focussed on all aspects of modified car, but instead one that’s totally dedicated to wheels!

Established in early 2007 by a group of well-connected (but slightly obsessed) wheel enthusiasts, Wheel Whores became an instant hit as its unique concept and witty branding proved to be exactly what the modified car scene needed.

It’s the only website devoted purely to the bona-fide wheel addict; Centred on a light-hearted but very comprehensive forum, the website also hosts arguably the largest global classifieds page (The Wheel Sanctuary), plus a number of other channels aimed to help those seeking wheel-related help or advice.

In just a few years the Wheel Whores brand has become a household name on the modified car scene, its infamous pink hearts have plagued many a show ground. For more info about us, click here!

With over 40,000 registered members on our forum and more than 70,000 Facebook followers, from all around the globe, you won’t find a better place to pin-point your target audience than Wheel Whores.

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